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Our technology and operations have been modelled with you in mind.We understand your need for timely, cost saving and stress-freetransport. You can therefore expect from us: -

  • Access - Our transport services are accessible on all major corridors in the region.
  • Just in Time - Save on costs of warehousing and storage charges by having transport provided to you in good time.
  • Convenience - Sit back and let the EAOTA team handle the logistics of it. EAOTA coordinates all transport movement providing you a centralized point for communication and support.

EAOTA is a member of the Shippers Council of Eastern Africa(SCEA) , the Kenya National Chamber of Commerce and Industry(KNCCI) and the Kenya International Freight and Warehousing Association (KIFWA).

EAOTA is also a member of the Kenya Heavy Commercial Vehicle(HCV) Road Safety Movement Technical Committee.EAOTA is recognized under an MoU with the Kenya Railways as aLast Mile Transport Provider.