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To better improve your transport needs, we are working with various tracking companies to allow cargo owners and their representatives to track their cargo while being transported to the client.
EAO Transport is willing to work with tracking companies to allow their transporters to access cargo owners the information on the location of their trucks and cargo while on transit.

You can track your shipments through East African Online Transport Agency to know the position of your shipment at any time.Tracking of your cargo can be done using your Job card number on our website.

We also offer the following options for one to choose, so that we can set up a notification systems to cater for your specific request:-

1. When any status occurs
2. When shipment is picked
3. When out for delivery
4. If shipment is late
5. When shipment is delivered

Kindly apply the online tracking form so that we can start tracking your cargo immediately.

You can also include alternative emails for notification purposes for employees in your company.

Use your waybill number to track your shipment.

Terms & Conditions:

You are authorised to use this tracking system solely to track shipments tendered via East African Online transport agency by, for, or to you. No other use may be made of the tracking

Tracking Companies in Kenya

There are many tracking companies in Kenya. below is a list of tracking companies that a transporter may approach to purchase tracking devices.

Company Services Website
Retriever Ltd     Fleet Management 
  Stolen Vehicle Recovery
Auto Track         Fleet Management      
    Stolen Vehicle Recovery
Cyber Trace        Fleet Management      
  Stolen Vehicle Recovery 
   Road Rescue 
SMS alerts
    Cartrack Kenya             Fleet Management      
Stolen Vehicle Recovery
Leightons       Fleet Management      www.leightontracking.co.ke
         Shreeji             Fleet Management www.shreeji.co.ke
Tracer      Fleet Management www.tracer.co.ke
Track and Trace      Fleet Management      www.trackntrace.co.ke
River Cross     Fleet Management      www.rivercrosstracking.com
Traffilog Fleet Management www.traffilogkenyatrack.com
Jasusi Fleet Management www.mocality.co.ke
Stoic   Fleet Management & SVR www.stoic.co.ke
Nationwide plus systems Fleet Management  
Pentagon Fleet Management www.pentagon247.co.ke
Soft Trace    Fleet Management      www.softrace.co.ke
Onecell Tracking      Fleet Management & SVR      www.onecell.co.ke
G4S      Fleet Management      www.g4s.co.ke
Track Me Fleet Management  
Trail My Car      Fleet Management      www.trailmycar.com
Pointer Africa      Fleet Management      www.pointerafrica.com
M Track Fleet Management www.mtrack.co.ke
Technotrack Fleet Management www.technotrack.co.ke